Queen Mother Delois Blakely
Community Mayor of Harlem
Ambassador of Goodwill, FESMAN 2009
Ambassador of Goodwill, Goree Island

A noble woman of compassion and caring, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely champions the aspirations of women, children and youth. She criticizes mankind for the economic injustice that has degraded billions of lives worldwide and champions’ education, basic business training, microcredit, entrepreneurship, and “heart” as potential solutions.

In 1958, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely entered the Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Convent. For ten years, as Sister Noelita Marie, she worked in New York State in the field of education and as a counselor in prisons. She advocates that sustainable and economic development is necessary for building human and social capacity.

Queen Mother Dr. Blakely is held in the highest regards as a Stateswoman and Educator across Africa, the Caribbean and the United States of America. She played a key role in memorializing more than 100 million Africans who died in the Middle Passage of the Trans Atlantic Ocean. Dame in Honor and Merit of the Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta {1976}, Dame Blakely carries on the legacy of Queen Mother Audley Moore {1898-1997} as The Queen Mother of All African Peoples {African Descendants} in the North Americas.

In 1969, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely founded New Future Foundation Inc, a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural not-for-profit organization. Successfully using cultural pride, individual initiative, and neighborhood leadership, especially among young people, New Future Foundation, Inc conducts exchange students programs from Africa, provide housing for students, ongoing public information, and education to solve problems of racism, poverty and ignorance. During her 40-year career as President of New Future Foundation Inc, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely has shared “best practices” with many Heads of State and Top-Level Officials.

A Community Fellow {1981-82} at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology {MIT}, an Education Policy Fellow {1982-83} of the International Education Leadership {IEL}, a Fulbright Scholar in Tanzania and Nigeria {1984-85}, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely received two Master of Education Degrees, from Harvard University {1982} and Teachers College, Columbia University {1983} and a Doctorate of Education Degree from Teachers College {1990}. She graduated from the Franciscan Handmaids of Mary College in 1965 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religious Studies. She has published scholarly and popular books and articles on self-reliance, education, recreation and culture.

In 1995, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely became Community Mayor of Harlem, the first woman to hold this office. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely was appointed “The Community Mayor of Harlem” by the Chief of Community Mayors. She was sworn in by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Her duties as the Community Mayor of Harlem is to deal with the needs of youth and children as well as the special needs for children who are homeless, handicapped, and are in foster care.

In partnership with the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity to assure a better future for the world’s youth, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely expanded New Future Foundation’s United Nations Africa House in Harlem {Queen Mother Moore International House} and its Neighborhood Peace University, The City College of New York supported by Former Secretary General Kofi Annan for the youth “World Street Peace Summit.” The “World Street Peace Summit” was where Children and Youth walked from Harlem to United Nations on the International Day of Peace. Both these initiatives promote conflict resolution and “demand-based” education and training among diverse cultural and socio-economic groups.

From 2001 to 2008, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely has traveled extensively around the world attending United Nations Conferences dealing with women and children issues as well as human tragedies as it relates to the African Nationals living in the United States. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely lead the Delegation from the United States in returning the African Nationals to their homeland for proper burial which were all high profile cases - Amadou Bailo Diallo, Guinea West Africa, 41 gun shots by New York City Police Department {1999}; Ousmane Zango, Burkina Faso, West Africa, hardworking young man killed in warehouse by New York City Police Department {2003}; Soumare and Mougassa Family, Mali, West Africa, 9 children and 1 mother died in tragedy fire in the Bronx {2007}.

In 2006, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely kicked-off Queen Mother Coffee at the United Nations during the CSW – Commission on the Status of Women with Harlem Women International. On the International Day of Women, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely launched Queen Mother Coffee in Harlem with women from around the world. Queen Mother Coffee was created to foster partnership with women from Africa and the United States to empower women farmers who are the backbone of agriculture within their country.

Queen Mother Dr. Blakely traveled to Uganda with the United States Conference of Black Mayors in July to August 2008. While in Uganda on a fact-finding mission, she began working on a World project to assist a family with an infant medical emergency – a baby with an oversized head. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely launched the medical mission to seek the participation of Harlem and Columbia Presbyterian Hospitals in New York City, USA.

During the United Nations General Assembly in September 2008 Queen Mother Dr. Blakely attended on behalf of the NGO – New Future Foundation, Inc and listened to Heads of States’ address the General Assembly and attended High Level Meetings addressing the needs of Africa. Queen Mother describes her efforts as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals that are designed to eradicate poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by the year 2015.

As an Ambassador of Goodwill for many African Countries, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely is constantly attending many augurations in Africa; being called to various countries regarding celebrations and tragedies. She has traveled extensively over the last 30-years, Queen Mother Dr. Blakely has met many Head of States and Governments and its people that are members of the AU – African Union, such Nigeria, Senegal, Namibia Liberia, Gambia, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, and a host of many other African Countries.

Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely was mentored by notables, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Former President of Tanzania and Dr. Angie Elizabeth Brooks, First Woman President of the General Assembly at the United Nations. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely enjoys a life-long student and practitioner of the visual arts, music, dance, modeling, law, business, and social work. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely serves the World as a Humanitarian Trailblazer protecting Human Rights for the poor and the powerless and enjoys traveling the world and working to eliminate poverty.

Queen Mother Dr Delois Blakely Intellectual Properties, Cultural and Arts.   

Queen Mother Dr Delois Blakely received full scholarships to Peabody Conservatory of Music (1969), Harkness Ballet School of Dance (1970) and Barbizon School of Modeling (1971). She studied at Columbia University visual arts (water painting) and photography. Queen Mother Blakely studied under Pearl Primus and Percy Boyd for dance, and for music Mary Lou Williams, Eddie Bonnerer and Cannon Ball Adderly. She was influenced by Mary Anderson and the five blind boys and Ruth Ellington (Duke Ellington's sister) to study music. Queen Mother Blakely wrote "Harlem Street Nun", a body of work that generated screenplays that produced movies, Sister Act1 and Sister Act 2. Both movies, Sister Act1 and Sister Act2 were plagiarized from the life history of Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely. Now She has produced manuscripts for "Sister Act for Real". "Queen Mother Blakely wrote and published a book titled, 'Education for Self-Reliance: Education and National Development in Tanzania' in 1990. The late President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania inspired, influenced, mentored, and oversaw the completion of Queen Mother's dissertation. President Nyerere's contribution and influence remain incalculable and immeasurable and Queen Mother remains forever grateful to him.

"a body of work that she believes upon available verifiable facts and information very closely parallel the storyline in Sister Acts 1 & 2." "It is probable that the movies Sister Acts 1 & 2 directly parallel the life history of Queen Mother Dr. Blakely."